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DECEMBER 10, 1993 - Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Note: I was only 13 years old when I wrote this and a big part of the review was edited to correct grammar errors that I had made. The way the sentences are built can be questionable, but I find that the original text had its own style and that the review reflected the era I was in, so some sentences remained intact.

Venue: Montreal Forum
Ticket: Section 320, Row G, Seat 46
Pictures: Not available
Videos: Not available

This was the best day of all my life!! When I woke up this morning, I couldn't believe that I was going to see Bon Jovi that night! I started with an art class at school. The teacher didn't think that I was "overexcited". There were about 20 people who would have liked to go (who I ran into)! Then, I had a French class. I had lunch with Mélanie, Valérie, Émilie and Véronique. I ran into Valérie Oster and I shook her "a little bit"! While talking with the girls, Eve came to see me and said: "Hey! Valérie told me that you couldn't pull yourself together anymore!"

The gym class was cancelled. We went to room G-116. When I sat down, I saw a poster of Jon! When Julie arrived, I showed it to her. I think that she is as much into him as me! I wrote a long letter to Valérie. I was writing I CANNOT WAIT every 5 words! Eve was sitting next to me and she couldn't believe how excited I was! And finally, I had a physics class. When I came in the classroom, Frédéric was already there. He looked at me, and then he said: "I think that you cannot wait for tonight!" I said: "What makes you believe that?" He said: "Your excitement, your smile and the sparks in your eyes!"

4 o'clock came sooner than I expected! When I came back home, I said: "Hi, everybody!" I was feeling just restless! I took a bath to relax and to smell good. I put on my flowery long-sleeved shirt and my blue jeans. I put on perfume and I had taken a bath with strawberry foam bath. I smelled very good! I was lucky enough to watch Born To Be My Baby at Voxpop! I had my picture taken beside my poster of Jon, my sign, my binoculars and my tickets. I was already starting to shake! I didn't have much of an appetite since I was too excited.

Manon and I left at 6h pm. I started talking in English on the bridge. Manon seemed impressed to hear me talk like that! When we got to the subway, we found out that CKOI was doing a special show on the air on Bon Jovi! Manon couldn't stop laughing when she saw me do silly moves during You Give Love A Bad Name!

In the subway, my hands were sweaty and I was feeling a little faint. When we got off at the Atwater station, all the girls were running and screaming "Bon Jovi!" I felt weird inside. I had brought non perishable foodstuffs and I got 4 tickets for a draw to win two pairs of front row tickets. When we got to our seats, 320, G, 45-46, we saw that we could see the stage very well.

Wild 'T' and the Spirit came on stage. I couldn't wait for them to finish their set, because they were bad! It took about 10 minutes before France D'Amour came on stage. She was good, but not that good. Her last song was Animal. People reacted very much during that song. At the end of her show, she said: "Have a nice Bon Jovi!" We heard a lot of girls scream!

I started to be super nervous! Some signs were making their way around the forum (the show promoters were Budweiser and the CHOM radio station): "Be young, have fun, listen to Bon Jovi", "Jon, CHOM-e your BUD-y". It was very encouraging! There weren't many people who had signs. I counted about 10 of them.

20 minutes went by before THEY showed themselves, because Jon uses a whole different equipment. When I saw Richie start playing I Believe, I pointed my binoculars towards the stage, I handed them over to Manon so she could see them and I screamed at the very top of my lungs! Then fireworks exploded and Jon came on stage! I screamed even louder, because I couldn't believe my eyes. His beauty is indescribable!

During Wild In The Streets, Jon went in the crowd to go sing closer to the people. I had the time to look at David (very cute also), Alec (handsomer than I thought), Tico (the third most handsome) and Richie (the handsomest guitar player in the world). I was like in a dream.

Born To Be My Baby was played right before You Give Love A Bad Name. There were more fireworks at the beginning. Jon made us sing. I was jumping and screaming so much that I hit the guy beside me accidently! The first time I shouted "I love you Jon", I looked at Manon. You should have seen her face!

When they played Bed Of Roses, I was not very quiet; I showed my sign to Jon and a girl saw it and then, she looked at me like she meant to say "You must love Jon!" I shouted: "I love you" and I shouted slowly: "I have listened to this song 3..." and I had to catch my breath before saying "thousand", so I repeated it again very fast and I choked. Manon found it very funny!

I used my lighter during Dry County. At the beginning, Jon said that he had composed this song when he was travelling across the American desert states. I'll Sleep When I'm Dead lasted about 10 minutes, because during the solo, Jon made us scream "I'm here" and a lot of other stuff like that!

My heart beat the most during Bad Medicine, because while Jon was not singing, he picked a girl, brought her on stage and started dancing in a very suggestive manner: he had put one leg in front of the other and she was astride on it. At the end, he took her face in his magnificent hands and kissed her for at least 5 seconds. The girl went crazy! Jon went beside Alec, Richie and Tico and said: "I love this girl! I love her!"

The encores lasted for 1 hour. It was funny each time they were coming back, because I had never seen Jon laugh like that! They played the following:

And there were others that I didn't recognize. During I'll Be There For You and I'd Die For You, I must say that I was pointing at Jon a lot! Tico, while starting Lay Your Hands On Me, was making circles with his drums. It was fascinating! I was so happy to hear them play it.

Aldo Nova came on stage before Blaze Of Glory. He was supposed to be in Los Angeles! At the end of Livin' On A Prayer, Jon pointed the microphone at us for about 2 minutes to sing: "Oh! We're half way there, oh!oh! Livin' on a prayer, take my hand, and we'll make it I swear, oh!oh! Livin' on a prayer!" During Keep The Faith, at each "FAITH", all the spotlights were pointing towards us! At some point, a spotlight blinded me and I saw Jon look our way, so I started to wave with both my arms. Richie appeared wearing only black to play Wanted Dead Or Alive (like in the video)!

When we left the forum, I was drained! We stopped at Tim Hortons to drink a little. The girl who was serving people knew Manon and she saw the ticket I was holding. She asked me a lot of questions. She said: "With your binoculars, I think that you saw Jon's butt in close-up!" I didn't know what to say! When we were on our way home, I felt good, but VERY tired!

I would die for Jon! It didn't take me a long time to fall asleep, even if all I could see were people, spotlights and JON!

Jon, I saw you in person! You're very cute and the other ones too! Your show was great. I never ever screamed the way I did tonight. It was unbelievable seeing you. The girl you kissed is really lucky. You sang every song that I like and the fireworks were perfect! I will not forget this evening. About 20 people would have liked to go to the show! I'm pretty proud, because I went to that event. Good night and I love you so much!

Copyright © 1993 Marie-Hélène Cyr

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