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Marie-Hélène Cyr (July 29, 2010)

My qualities

I am very curious and I am not afraid of broadening my horizons in several similar as well as very different fields.

Here are some of my other qualities, as they are frequently stated by my loved ones: passionate, tenacious, devoted, determined, (very) organized, courageous, enthusiastic, reliable, considerate, empathic, perfectionist and smiling. (In fact, I really like making people laugh with my adventures...)

My passions

Bon Jovi

Since an entire section of my website is devoted to my favorite band, I let you learn more on my biggest passion.

Space (including astronomy)

Note: The statements about the Canadian Space Agency on this page are those of the website's author and do not necessarily represent positions or opinions of the Canadian Space Agency.

As far as I can remember, I have always been particularly fascinated by space. I have spent several hours looking at the sky to locate planets of the solar system and constellations. How could I not be fascinated by the immensity of our universe, the mystery surrounding it and its great beauty?

My professional choice of becoming an engineer was made in part to give me a chance to work to push the aerospace technology forward. When I was young, the Canadian Space Agency didn't exist, so I was dreaming of working at NASA one day and going into space. I consider myself lucky for having a career at the Canadian Space Agency. I have already accomplished several things, listed in my outstanding professional achievements.

My particular interests


As you can see while browsing through my website, I love writing. I consider this art as being very liberating and as having therapeutic benefits. My most beautiful texts are often written in a short period of time (a few minutes), mostly when I feel strong emotions. As soon as I feel inspired, I need to write right away because otherwise, I can forget everything as fast as it came! However, it's not very practical when the inspiration comes while I'm driving! I have also gotten out of bed in the middle of the night in the past to write down a few lines on a piece of paper. It's fortunate because the next morning, I couldn't remember that I had written what was on the sheet!

When I was a child, my idol was Patrick Roy, the Montreal Canadiens' excellent goaltender. When he left Montreal in December 1995, I was very sad and I decided to write him a letter. I sent the letter to the Journal de Montréal with a note asking them to forward it to Patrick Roy. A few days later, when I opened the newspaper, I got a nice surprise; my letter was published in it! One of my creations had just been published in a newspaper and I was only 15 years old! Let's say that I was pretty proud. And since then, I write often and on different subjects, but let's say that Bon Jovi is by far my main inspiration!

In May 2017, my first book entitled "Les parenthèses de la vie" was released by Essor-Livres Éditeur. This book is about my father's life, who died from brain cancer at 71 years of age and the story of accompanying a loved one toward death. This book also tells the story of the unique bond between him and his family. You can buy a signed copy of the book by contacting me through the Facebook page that I created for people to know about my book or an unsigned copy on the Essor-Livres Éditeur website. Some book stores in Quebec may also have a few copies.

Les parenthèses de la vie, Marie-Hélène Cyr's first book
Medicine / Health domain

In addition to wanting to become an astronaut one day, when I was young, I also wanted to become a physician. I thought that the human body was very interesting in general. However, when I was a teenager, I found out that I had a fear of blood, so I didn't head to medical school when I chose my field of study after high school.

I have always wanted to help people concretely to make a difference in their life. Even if I were not studying to become a physician, I still could put my desire to help people to good use in college when I became a private teacher of a few students, giving them private sessions in French, in English and in mathematics to help them pass their courses.

When I went through my orthognathic surgeries, I plunged in the health world as a patient, which rekindled my interest for medicine. (My surgeon could even testify it, I could not stop asking him questions to learn more!) The human body is so fascinating by its capacity to adapt and to heal! I have had the chance to speak with different physicians since then and several told me that I should not have let my fear of blood discourage me from going to medical school...

I think I have the required qualities to be a good physician. Specialities in which I'm interested, for different reasons, are oncology, radiology and palliative care. I thought about going back to school a few years ago to become a physician. I finally decided to continue my career in engineering, but I didn't close the door on this dream for good. If it is my destiny to go back to school and go get my "m.d." one day, I trust that life will find a way to guide me appropriately in that direction! In the meantime, I learn more about anatomy and I talk to physicians about their job at each opportunity I get.

Since 2012, I also translate texts related to dentistry for two orthodontists from Quebec and for a web company specializing in dentistry. Moreover, I write some vulgarized texts related to dentistry that are published on the websites of the orthodontists or the web company. Subjects that I have already written about are varied and include oral cancer, temporomandibular joint (TMJ), dental implantology, bruxism, teeth whitening, postoperative complications, among others.

Running, Zumba and yoga

I discovered a strong interest for running several years ago. I have completely several official 5k races; I prefer trying to improve myself on short distances than trying to finish a race on a longer distance, by far. I fear getting injured or bored with longer distances. Running allows me to unwind and get the stress out, one step at a time!

I took my first Zumba class in January 2014 and I dance at least once each week since! I've really been bitten by the Zumba bug! My instructor is also fantastic! My classes put a big smile on my face, both for the dancing and friendship with the class participants!

Following a lower back injury in July 2016, I decided to give yoga a chance, an activity that I had never really tried before. I notice that yoga gives me back more flexibility! My spouse, a few friends and I also started doing acroyoga, that is yoga with one or several partners! The poses can make beautiful pictures, but they often require a lot of flexibility, force, balance and mutual trust! I love it!

Web programming and design

My studies in computer engineering allowed me to introduce myself to web programming. At that time, at the beginning of the 2000's, I didn't find it was worth the efforts to push my knowledge further, since internet was not quite as spread and easy to access than now.

When the idea of having my own website surfaced in 2008, I knew that I had the necessary basis to create and maintain it myself. My knowledge was a little basic, but I quickly brought myself up to speed. I think that I'm doing well with the success that my website seems to have and the fact that several people have already approached me for me to share my knowledge regarding the web to contribute directly or indirectly to their own projects listed under my outstanding professional achievements.


Even if I have never taken a course in photography, I like taking pictures. I have taken the majority of the pictures contained on this website!

I don't cross off the possibility of me going to get technical knowledge through official courses in photography one day. In the meantime, I trust my instinct and my experience more when the time comes to experiment the different modes of my digital camera.

Ontological coaching

I was introduced to ontological coaching at the Canadian Space Agency in 2008. At this time, I had just gone through both my orthognathic surgeries and I must admit that the "team coaching" course that we took in the department I was working for was truly revealing to me. I got used to the vocabulary on coaching distinctions discussed during the course and to the course leader, Ginette, I had the potential to become a good coach despite my short personal and professional life experience.

With the help of my director I was working for at that time who also saw my potential, I had the incredible chance of being able to register for the advanced coaching course that Ginette's company offers, even if this course is usually intended for managers. Throughout the advanced course which spanned over 5 months in 2009 and 2010, I was able to go into the subject in greater depth to reinvent my leadership by changing the way I see others around me. I learned to be authentic, to offer generous listening to others, to take and honor my commitments. All of this now allows me to change the results I achieve in my personal life and in my relationships with others. Nothing is now impossible to achieve!

A good coach brings someone who is faced with a either a personal or professional deadlock to fix this deadlock and make a breakthrough. The coach asks necessary questions to be able to understand the problem and to make the person answer his or her own questions that will make him or her see another perspective on the problem.

Baby sign language

I got interested by it after my first child was born in 2011 and it all started when I saw in person a 9-month-old child communicate by sign with his parents for them to understand him even before saying his first word! I immediately got seduced and very intrigued by this language, because it allows communicating faster with our child, what I find extraordinary! The biggest benefit of this language is that parents can understand their child and the child is less frustrated from not being understood!

People who I especially admire

The following people got into my life throughout the years and have influenced me positively; I especially admire them for the influence they have had on me!


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