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Note: For each new website version, minor changes about some words discussed on the website are made, including typos and grammatical errors.

Posted on September 11, 2019 by Marie-Hélène Cyr

Website version: 4.8.0

Website version: 4.8.0
Section Description
Bon Jovi The introduction page was slightly modified to add a picture of cakes baked for Jon's 57th birthday.
Literature A new section on my writing projects was added.
About me

The main page was adjusted with my actual passions and interests.

The page on my professional achievements was modified to add useful hyperlinks, additional information on my different types of positions at the Canadian Space Agency and to give more details on my tasks as mission manager for the experiments onboard the International Space Station.
Contact me The code of the form to send comments was improved.

An hyperlink to my Instagram account was added at the top of the pages.

A display bug was corrected in the code of the website in order to be able to use a recent PHP version.

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