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AUGUST 3, 1995 - Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Note: I was only 15 years old when I wrote this review, so the chosen expressions and words betray my age at the time they were used!

August 3, 1995 -> BON JOVI show -> this is a summary...

Venue: Montreal Forum
Ticket: Section 307, Row G, Seat 10
Pictures: Not available
Videos: Not available

I was excited all day long. In the afternoon, I saw a snippet of the show of the previous night, August 2. Those who had gone were saying that they were a little disappointed, because they hadn't played Bed Of Roses and they had started with a Neil Young song, Rockin' In The Free World. Marie-Josée arrived at around 5h pm. We had dinner, although I was not very hungry and with reason! We got our picture taken (once again) with my sign and my rose that I was bringing to Jon. We left at 5h45 pm. We got there around 6h30 pm. A lot of people had already arrived and the scalpers were busy! We went inside, because I wanted to buy a program. We went to sit down at our seats afterwards. The usher in our section, when he saw my rose, said: "Oh! How nice of you, you brought me a rose tonight!" I told him: "No, it's for Jon!" He pretended that he was disappointed. I asked him afterwards if it were possible to bring the rose to Jon. He said that he couldn't leave his post. He recommended that I look for someone wearing blue; they were part of security. When I sat down, I saw a half-white half-black woman. I went to see her. She was very nice also, but she couldn't bring it to Jon. She told me: "Throw it on the stage." I answered that I was too high in the bleachers and I waved at Marie-Josée to show her where my seat was. She agreed with me and she started to give me weird ideas, such as attaching it to a rock. Yes, I love Jon and I knock him out! I told her: "It's very important, he must get this rose. I've been trying for 2 1/2 years. I'm even a fan club member, I can go get my membership card. Look at what is written on the paper attached to the rose: "For your bed of roses, Jon, I'd die for you. I love you."." She understood. She finally told me that if I went a little further, I would find someone with a plastic badge on which it was written "Backstage". I thanked her and I got back to Marie-Josée. Finally, she came with me. When we got on the other side of the forum, a man asked me for my ticket. I explained to him why I was there. He let me pass. I told the whole story again to another usher. He was super nice! He encouraged me to go to a place where there were a lot of "Backstage" people. He also told me that I could go there, that I had the permission. When we got there, a man almost shouted at me. I had to stop. I told my story again. He quickly told me that it was strictly forbidden to stay there. Marie-Josée came to tell me that there were a woman and a man wearing a "Backstage" badge 15 feet away. I almost started to run to go there, but the man knew what I was about to do, so he nervously told me: "Hey! Would you come back here? You don't have the right to go there." I should have gone anyway, but I obeyed. Finally, he told me to give him the rose. He put it with other stuff and he told me that if a backstage person would come by, they would surely pick it up to give it to Jon. I realized something while doing that; it's not easy to get close to Bon Jovi! We got back to our seats while drinking something, because we had walked a lot. At 7h20 pm, the first act came on stage and after 20 minutes, Marie-Josée and I were very tired of listening to them. Afterwards, I got my camera, my binoculars and my sign ready. It seemed like the time went by faster than on December 10. When the lights went off and Marie-Josée pointed at the stage to show me that Jon was there, I got up in a fraction of a second. The worst is that I didn't feel dizzy! When he came in the spotlight, I was one of the first ones to scream at the top of my lungs! I didn't recognize the first song. I was one of the few who were up in the whole section 307! When Jon came to see us, on the side of the stage, I took out my sign and I really think he saw me. Anyway, I had a good chance! The second song, Hey God. I got very excited while everyone was reacting almost not enough! The third song, Livin' On A Prayer. Everybody got up! The other songs that they played are:

What a show! The first encore was Bed Of Roses! Do you think I was just a little happy? I had teary eyes and I was screaming: "It's my song", "I have listened to this song 4 thousand times", "I love you, Jon", "I want to lay you down on a bed of roses", "You're the best!" The guy in front of me, when I started screaming: "I LOVE YOU, JON!", looked at me like he meant "My god, what a loud scream!" The girl beside him was also looking at me laughing each time I screamed and she was looking at the guy! When Jon arrived, I screamed: "You're born to be my baby, Jon!" Marie-Josée found it funny! I sang more than on December 10 and I mostly clapped my hands in the air and jumped! At some point, without wanting it, I hit the girl beside me with my elbow. She was enjoying herself like me, so she just smiled at me. I had never seen such energy, when Jon was coming our way, people were getting up and screaming a lot! At the end of I'd Die For You or You Give Love A Bad Name, he let himself fall on his back after lifting up his feet, his guitar in his arms. A lot of girls screamed. During Dry County, he got on his knees and I took a picture of him! During I'll Sleep When I'm Dead, enormous blow-up dolls (2) rose at the back of the stage and I heard a lot of people say: "Wow!" On our side, it was a dancing girl with generous breasts. She had a kind of chicken head with a tail behind her. On the other side, I didn't see well, but it looked like Elvis Presley with a devil's head. During a song, Jon looked at Richie like he meant "I don't need my microphone, "they" sing for me!" During Always, I finally understood some lyrics that I had never understood! He sang Can't Help Falling In Love a cappella, alone with just one spotlight. I got a real kick out of it! Keep The Faith, at each Faith!, like the other time, the spotlights would turn to us and I was jumping very high. I was trying to do what Jon was doing as much as possible. He also did some moves during I'll Sleep and he made us scream: "I'm here!, Oh, oh ,oh, oh!, Bruuuu!" while shaking his head; this was very funny! During the encores, Jon came to our side for quite some time and I was still one of the few who were still up on their feet. I saw so many sparkles in his eyes when he looked in my direction, I think that he was looking at me. I have a feeling! When they were leaving to let us know that we were during the encores, I was screaming: "No, don't go! Come back!" After Wanted, their very last song, Jon said while raising his hand: "Adios amigos!" I repeated that very loudly while waving my hand. During I'd Die For You, he sang some Oh, oh,oh,oh,oh,oh, oh!, and when he was forgetting to sing them, several girls including me (obviously!) were singing them! A very good show, without fireworks, without Jon taking stuff that his fans wanted to give him and without touching them. I came in the house at home and I ran to the water! I had been so hot that my shorts were discolored around my butt and my paper money in my pockets was wet! It seemed like I had just washed my hair and sweat was falling more down my back and on the front. Marie-Josée touched my back at some point during the show and she almost gave me the order to stop jumping. I was screaming so loudly at some point that I would make an effort before I was screaming and I was all tense and I was shaking. I almost had a bad taste in my throat! We are 2 days after the show, and my throat is hurting; I cannot yawn or cough anymore; it almost hurts too much. The palms of my hands are also hurting where I was clapping and my muscles in my ribs are hurting because I was making an effort to scream. I went to the most beautiful war there is!

Copyright © August 1995 Marie-Hélène Cyr

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