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Have a Nice Day Farewell (2006)

I feel like a part of me died
When you said your goodbyes
Like if I saw you for the last time
That's how empty I feel inside

You rock my world
I will never say that enough
You are my strength, you are all my words
I can't get enough, dealing with my feelings is tough

You gave your best, I begged for more
Until you come back, I will be happy no more

Like a lightning in the sky
Your drug flows through my veins
It's like you said, you're my novocaine
I think of you every day that goes by

Do I dare thinking of going crazy
And move sky and earth to be with you finally
Before you do your farewell to the current journey
That's going to end in New Jersey

Take care of you, boys
I will love you forever more
And I pray that you come back
Because in my life I want you back

Copyright © July 21, 2006 Marie-Hélène Cyr

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