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Site map


This section contains general information about the website, such as a welcome message for the visitors, the new features implemented in the latest version of the website and the changes between the different versions.

Orthodontics - Orthognathic surgery

This section presents my experience regarding dental treatments I underwent, such as orthodontic treatments and orthognathic surgeries. We can find a surgical patient's guide presenting tips and advice, recipes and frequently asked questions (FAQs) for those who will undergo an orthognathic surgery, my story in detail including technical aspects of what I underwent and emails that I sent to my loved ones during my recovery and pictures of me and X-rays throughout my treatments.

Bon Jovi

This section contains information on my passion for Bon Jovi, such as my show reviews, pictures I have taken and videos I have made at Bon Jovi shows and texts and poems I have written throughout the years.


This section contains information on my writing projects, including my books, my show reviews and my articles in the dental domain.

About me

This section contains information on me, the author of the website, such as my biography, details on my professional achievements and on my meetings with Canadian astronauts.

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