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FEBRUARY 9, 2012 - My teeth are acting up again!

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Hi all,

Tomorrow, it will be 3 years since I don't have my braces anymore. After all this time, my teeth were missing my orthodontist, so they started acting up lately. At the end of summer of 2011, I saw a diastema (space) appear between a lower lateral incisor and a lower canine. It puzzled me, because both teeth were bonded by my wire retainer which was glued to all my front lower teeth (from canine to canine). I didn't do anything at that time, but lately, I noticed that the space was becoming larger and larger. Also, I started having pain on my jaw joint (commonly called TMJ - temporomandibular joint) which irradiated into the ear towards the end of 2011; this pain was important enough for me to have to take Tylenol caplets from time to time. I had also noticed that my lower jaw deviated to the left when I was opening my mouth. Everything to reassure me!

I saw my dentist for a routine cleaning on February 1; I talked to him about all that. In short, he didn't like my description of all my symptoms! The wire retainer seemed glued correctly, which made him even more perplex. He advised me to go see my orthodontist as soon as possible. On the same day, I contacted my surgeon's secretary to tell her what my dentist had told me, because she already knew that I had pain on my right TMJ. I learned afterwards that my surgeon would talk to my orthodontist as soon as possible. I was even more reassured!!

Anyway, I met with my orthodontist at lunchtime today. One of her hygienists verified the wire retainer and it still seemed bonded to the teeth. As soon as my orthodontist saw me on the examination chair, she said: "Ah, she is here!" I was a little flattered to know that she was so anxious to see me! haha When I opened my mouth and when she saw the diastema, she said: "Oh my god!" She thought the space was very large. By examining my teeth and my mouth, she came to the conclusion that all my lower teeth on the left side and both lower incisors on the right side deviated in my mouth. My wire retainer showed signs of wearing and it seemed like it was stretching a little. She really didn't like to see this. She told me that I must have done something that caused trauma on my lower teeth, but with all the questions that she asked me, we could not find out what I might have done. I even flossed between a few teeth to show the hygienist that I did it the right way! My orthodontist thought that I was maybe suffering from bruxism (teeth grinding), but with my retainer that I wear every night on my upper teeth, it would be difficult to detect, because I would not make any noise. In the end, the cause of the deviation is still unknown, making all of us perplex!

She told me that all symptoms related to my TMJ were very probably due to my teeth deviation. She made an X-ray just to make sure that I didn't have any bone disease that could have made my teeth move suddenly. My jaws and my teeth are all healthy, it's good news! To reassure everybody, including me, my orthodontist told me that my surgeon wanted to see me for me to undergo a scan of my TMJ; he has a machine at his clinic which allows him to make precise diagnoses on TMJ disorders, among others. I will see him next week for the scan.

My orthodontist told me that the only way to bring my teeth back where they ought to be was to remove the wire retainer, because it is the reason why the problem still aggravates; it makes my teeth deviate more and more, because they are all bonded together. Without the wire, they will be able to return to their place quite quickly according to her (in a few weeks). Worst comes to worst, if there is still space in a few weeks, she will suggest ways to correct it. She told me that she could fix everything in 3 or 4 weeks, which is very encouraging. I was worried about having this wire removed, because it was installed to avoid having my front lower teeth go back as crooked as before, but it seems like it is not too dangerous. It is weird for me not to have the wire anymore, my 6 front lower teeth are as sensitive as when I had my braces installed back in 2006... A weird impression of déjà-vu!

During the appointment, she told me that I should have come see her as soon as I detected the problem. I'm a good patient, so I had thought that it would be better to start off at the bottom of the ladder with the dentist, but well, next time, I'm advised to call directly at my orthodontist's clinic instead of starting off with my dentist!

I feel extremely privileged to have dental healthcare professionals who are so proactive towards me. In a few hours only last week, they were all called up for me after I went to see my dentist. I love them!


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