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Deception of a Fan (2003)

Note: This text is venting more than anything else. In February 2003, I went to see a Bon Jovi show where Jon said that they would be back during the summer for another show in Montreal. On April 1, 2003, the tour dates for the summer leg of the tour came out and surprise, Montreal wasn't on the list! We were so disappointed, we even hoped that the tour dates announcement was an April's fool joke!

A couple of months earlier, I was rocking with you in my hometown. Everyone in disbelief and in love with you screaming for more heard you say you were coming back soon. This summer in fact, just a couple of months from now. 16 000 people heard you, you made a promise that night that each and everyone of us heard.

Now, you let us down with our high hopes about having the opportunity to see you so soon. Tour dates were added and you forgot about your promise that made us so happy. We're all in disbelief in Montreal for being left out.

As disappointed as I am, I'll be patient and I will forgive you as much as I love you. I have faith that you will be back soon and I will think that you didn't want this to happen.

I'm sad, I'll go on and keep the faith that you didn't break your promise after all.

Please come back soon, we'll be waiting for you with arms wide open.

Say the name of my city, I'll come running to you!

I love you anyway,

Copyright © April 1, 2003 Marie-Hélène Cyr

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