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6 Years (1999)

Note: I was only 19 years old when I wrote this text, so the expressions and words chosen reflect my age and what a 19-year-old girl could feel!

First, I fell in love with a certain bed of roses
Then I woke up of it
But it stayed in my head even though it's unreal
Not the person nor the band but the way they live

The possibility to meet them is as thin as ice in November
Some of those who step on it survive, some stay on it
But most of them risk their lives for nothing
I've been waiting for 6 years, seated on the shore,
Waiting for the ice to seal, waiting for the chance...

The ice has appeared a few times
But not long enough to stand on it.
My love has grown up as a wave
Unsteady at first, but huge once in the ocean.

The early teenager I was when I saw you in 1993
Has grown old with the years,
Holding on to a dream
Just to go on and find a sense to my life.

Thanks to you, I'm still alive and with your help,
I hope to see the greatest things in this world.
And after I die, I would like to see you forever
Because you're the reason I am

I love you so much, I can't give you up.

Copyright © February 1999 Marie-Hélène Cyr

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