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MARCH 20, 2012 - I will probably get out of it without braces!

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Hi all,

I saw my orthodontist this morning for a follow-up on my diastema (space) between 2 lower teeth. 5 weeks after my lingual wire was removed, the diastema has decreased at least by half, my lower teeth are starting to be more aligned with the upper teeth and my occlusion is almost back to what it was at the end of my orthodontic treatments. My orthodontist was very happy to see the evolution! Moreover, I haven't taken Tylenol caplets against pain in the jaw joint since a few weeks already.

I will see my orthodontist for another follow-up on the next May 1 and if the diastema is closed completely, she will put another lingual wire on my front lower teeth. I asked her if it were possible to get an appliance to wear during the night instead of the wire... I got used quickly to passing dental floss VERY easily between all my teeth, a thing that is a little more complicated with a lingual wire bonded to the teeth... She prefers putting on another lingual wire, because she told me that she would advise against an appliance in my case. Teeth could move during the day and by wearing the retainer during the night, the teeth could move again to go back to where they are supposed to be, which would cause useless root movements. Well, I will have tried to make my life easier, but she is the expert, I respect her decision! The wire is still the lesser of two evils, as long as my teeth stay straight and do not cause me any pain, it's the important thing! One thing is for sure, when everything is over, I will stay watchful for any change to my dentition in the future! (As if I weren't already, but well, I will be even more watchful not to say maniac...)

I don't plan on giving any more news on this chapter of my dental treatments, unless the unexpected happens! But it seems like I will get out of it without having to wear braces again. Can I tell you that I was relieved and I was smiling when I left my orthodontist's clinic today?!

Take care and see you soon!


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