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For Half My Life... (2005)

When I look back in history
Deep down in my heart, the simplest thing I see
I still can imagine the little girl that I used to be
And the band she still longs to meet

She was just a little girl, only twelve years old
Later, she would become the young proud woman of twenty-four years old
A little woman just wanting to be like any other
Apart from being accepted in the world, nothing else mattered

In their wildest dreams, nobody could have thought
That in front of the television, in a blink of an eye
She made a promise that for them, the greatest wars she would have fought
From this moment on, she finally got a reason to survive

She would see the greatest qualities in this wonderful band
She grew up knowing that she would always be able to count on them
At last, an eternal passion to hold on to
Their looks captivated her, now their personalities still do

She recognized her somehow in what they sang
Even though she didn't understand a word of what she thought was slang
The singer's sweet voice would comfort her in tough times
Through the melodies, the chords and the rhymes

How can complete strangers have that part in her life?
She has now known them for half of her life
Everyday is worth living knowing that she will never be alone
To her ears, the music still sounds like a salvation in her that lives on

The band now has a hold of the key to her heart
When she sees them live, she never feels apart
Of a big and welcoming family she is proud to be a part
To let go of her deepest feelings for them, it would be too hard

You will always give me a reason to keep believing
That you are truly in my heart, always staying
I guess that a simple thank you
Would be the best thing I could do, the least I can do

Copyright © 2005 Marie-Hélène Cyr

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