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APRIL 1, 2008 - Nothing but good news

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Hi all,

I have nothing but good news for you today and it's not an April's fool joke! I went to see my surgeon this morning and he was very happy with my progress over the last week! My wounds are healing according to plan and I am able to open my mouth more and more! I don't have elastics anymore, but he told me that sometimes, he has to put some back on in order to correct some minor jaw deviations. However, the elastics didn't bother me that much last week; after all, I was able to eat!

I have started to regain some of the weight I had lost with all the food I've been eating! Hahaha I prepare myself feasts of soft food for lunch and for dinner and I'm not hungry between meals anymore. However, my surgeon wants me to keep this soft food diet for another week, so ground beef and chicken will have to wait at least another week! I have tons of soups, eggs and mostly ice cream, I'm not tired of my diet yet!

My surgeon told me that I probably wouldn't return to work for another 2 weeks, but since I'm well and I'm starting to get bored watching TV all day, he told me that I could gradually start doing some telework if I could. I am sure that my boss will be very happy to learn the good news! My surgeon was impressed by the level of energy that I have and how well I am because after all, it's been only 2 weeks and one day since my surgery!

Before leaving my surgeon's clinic, I took the liberty of telling him about the positive comments that some of you have passed on to me regarding him and his work. He seemed a little embarrassed and he immediately told me that all this was team work first and foremost and that I was a bigger part of the team than I would have imagined. He told me that by following all his instructions, I have greatly helped my situation. And I'm already starting to see the benefits of that surgery. Of course, I cannot open my mouth as wide as I would love to, but still, I eat enough and when I smile, I already see changes.

Then, I went to see my orthodontist's receptionists and I asked if my orthodontist wanted to see me because I was not very familiar with the post-operative procedure with the orthodontist! Finally, I saw her again and she was so happy to see me, just like last week! She congratulated me for having the courage to go through this surgery and she just kept on smiling while examining my mouth. Her assistant even took some pictures of my face and my profile. I'm looking forward to restarting my orthodontic treatments again, but I will have to wait until May 2, the date of my next appointment with my orthodontist.

In the meantime, I have another appointment with my surgeon next Tuesday for another post-operative follow-up. The worst is really behind me!

Have a nice week and take care!


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