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APRIL 8, 2008 - Latest news

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Hi all,

Here are the latest news, for those who are still interested! I went to see my surgeon again this morning and he found nothing negative to say about my condition. The swelling is progressively subsiding and my wounds are still as beautiful to his eyes! It's a little frustrating because I haven't seen any improvement on the swelling side in the last few days and I'm still unable to pronounce my "b", "m" and "p" correctly! I have to be patient, that's what my surgeon told me!

I almost stopped taking painkillers; I take one 600-mg caplet of ibuprofen (it's the equivalent of taking 3 regular Advil caplets) before I go to bed, and I'm not sure I would need it so much. However, I feel like my energy level is not back at 100% yet. I have started doing telework; I do 4 to 5 hours daily but after that, I'm completely exhausted and I need to rest. I told all that to my surgeon and he gave me the green light to go back to work at the office officially on April 21. In the meantime, I can continue doing some telework. My goal is to be able to do full days from home before I return to the office!

I can also start eating normally again; it was a very big relief for me to hear that! The only rule that I must follow is that I can eat whatever I want as long as it doesn't hurt, so I'm not quite ready to eat steaks and pizza, but still, I will be able to eat ground beef this week and maybe very tender chicken next week. We'll see what doesn't hurt me.

My next appointment with my surgeon is on May 1 for another follow-up. He told me that I would maybe have some exercises to do to adjust the position of my facial muscles and to make my mouth open normally, but I'm not quite ready yet. In the meantime, I have to get used to closing my mouth by making sure that my lower jaw is brought as forward as possible so both my jaws are almost aligned. It's not easy since I've had to live with another mouth for 27 years!

At least I'm now able to smile a little, it's good for the spirits!

I don't intend to give news on a regular basis to everyone on the distribution list, but I will give news to the ones that will ask me to do so!

Have a nice week and take care!


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