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MARCH 25, 2008 - Other news and first new pictures

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Hi all,

I went to see my surgeon this morning. He had nothing but good news for me! First of all, I went to my orthodontist's clinic (my surgeon's and orthodontist's clinics are in the same building) to take X-rays. The receptionists recognized me (that's a good sign!) and I also saw the orthodontist in the hallway. When she saw me, she said: "Oh, it's magnificent!" I still had a big plaster on my chin, but since she's able to see things with her professional eyes, she immediately saw the changes. I looked at my X-rays after they were taken and I must admit that my bones are more aligned than they were before, with additional metal! The X-ray of me from the side is very different from the one before my orthodontic treatments, that's for sure! The teeth at the back of my mouth are now perfectly aligned (to my eyes!), it's weird to see these changes!

I then went to my surgeon's clinic. I was a little afraid because he had told me that someone had to go through another surgery after he met with him one week after the first surgery! So, I was a little afraid of being examined by my surgeon. When he saw me, I could feel he wanted to laugh because my neck is really yellow down to my chest and it seems like I have a yellow beard as well. He then told me that he wasn't known for his delicacy... (I hope so! As long as he doesn't fail his surgeries, delicacy can come in second!) He also apologized for the physical harm that he did to me.

My surgeon removed the ton of elastics that held my jaws together and he told me to open my mouth... A thing that was hard for me to do since I'd been living with my teeth held together for a week now, it was weird having to tell my brain that I needed to open my mouth! It wasn't that hard, but when I closed my mouth, the surgeon said: "Well, we will still keep 2 elastics for another week because when you close your mouth, it doesn't close very nicely..." He then explained to me that it is normal to see my mouth close in a weird way because my facial muscles have to adapt to the new location of the facial bones, and it is one of the reasons why I still cannot close my lips together. I spent 27 years of my life with a crooked skeleton, so it will take a little bit of time before my muscles adjust to give me a new facial appearance. It's very special to see how this kind of surgery can have an impact on many more parts of the body!

The surgeon was also very happy with my new X-rays, and I will not have to go through a second surgery because everything is healing properly without infection (despite the fact that I wasn't able to brush my teeth for a week!) and everything seems to be at the right place. I just need to focus on getting rid of the swelling and to be patient until my muscles readjust properly. It's a lesser pain... He also removed the plaster that I had on my chin (to make sure that my chin stays in place) and he asked me to brush my teeth; my mouth doesn't open wide enough for me to brush the inside of my teeth, but it felt so great to have toothpaste on them!! I looked at myself in the mirror and I realized how much my face will change after the swelling disappears and I am able to smile normally again. My upper teeth are way closer to my nose than they used to be, it's just crazy!

Therefore, I still have 2 elastics at the front of my mouth that make my mouth open and close properly, I can now start eating very soft food like scrambled eggs, fish, ice cream, etc. And I can open my mouth a little, so it's more encouraging! The worst in all this is that I look like a 6-month-old baby, not a 27-year-old woman! The food flows all the way down my chin, I have to constantly bring the food from my lips to my mouth with a spoon, my tongue seems like the uninvited guest in my mouth... just like a baby!

To help you picture myself, my husband took pictures of me tonight. My face is still a lot swollen, my nose seems turned-up and crooked a little and my lips are disproportioned, but everything will be back to normal soon as the surgeon told me and it's way better than the first picture that was taken of me last Wednesday when I returned home from the hospital! Therefore, do not get to the conclusion that the surgery was a failure just yet because I won't look that way in a couple of weeks! Note: The picture was attached to the email.

Despite the fact that the ordeal is not yet finished (I will still have trouble eating for the next weeks!), the results and comments that I received this morning are very encouraging and it gives me hope too. The worst is behind me, I just need to be patient and endure the little side pain and suffering.

I will meet with the surgeon again next week to see if I can live without elastics in my mouth for good.

I would like to thank you again for all the comments that I have received, there are no words to express my gratitude! And thanks to those who make me laugh because it's better to laugh and be in pain than to be in the hospital in pain without laughing! I cannot wait until I see you all again!


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