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DECEMBER 17, 2008 - Good news before Christmas

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Hi all,

I left you on a rather negative note last time. It's the festive season, so since I received some good news from my orthodontist this morning, I decided to write to you even though there is not much to say!

When I arrived at my orthodontist's clinic, the receptionists greeted me as usual, that is with a big smile. When they asked me how I was doing, I said that I couldn't stand having elastics in my mouth anymore. Spending a month with daily headaches and awful toothaches (I emptied what was left of a bottle of Advil caplets, I emptied another 72-caplet bottle and I started another one in a month) will make anyone feel bad. I showed them how little I could open my mouth and they sympathized with me.

My orthodontist came to the front desk in between and when the receptionists saw her, they immediately told her: "Please tell her that she doesn't need to wear elastics anymore, poor girl!" hahaha After that, my orthodontist asked me to follow her. I was a bit early for my appointment, but the clinic seemed to be quiet. I love this kind of surprises when I don't wait at all before getting to serious business...

When I sat down on the chair, I told my orthodontist that I was very tired of the elastics, but that I had been very assiduous. She looked at me with a smile and she told me: "Oh, I don't even doubt it!"

The orthodontist told me that I still needed to wear my elastics, but only during the night from now on. I felt like 100 pounds just dropped from my shoulders! I sleep during the night, so it's much better than having them in my mouth 24/7! She also looked at my teeth with a little mirror. (It's a good sign when it comes to needing a mirror to see what's left to do!) The date scheduled to remove my braces is still the same because of the way my treatments are progressing. The hygienist that took care of me was even surprised that I won't have my braces removed during my next appointment in January, but rather during my appointment in February...

In short, the orthodontist replaced once again 4 brackets on my upper front teeth in order to really finetune the alignment of these teeth. I asked the hygienist to see my teeth before the new brackets were installed to encourage myself. I'm almost afraid of my teeth without braces, seriously! hahaha

When I got up from the chair, I realized that all the hygienists, as well as my orthodontist, weren't there anymore apart from the one that was taking care of me. It was lunch time after all... I wanted to talk to my orthodontist about my website, but I decided to tell the receptionists instead. I gave the website address so they could give it to my orthodontist. I really hope that it will be useful to someone someday! If you ever know a dentist or an orthodontist that would like to see a severe case of crooked teeth, you can in turn transmit the website address to them (www.mhcyr.com), it is its purpose!

Before I left the clinic, I told one of the receptionists that I had an appointment in mid-January and that I would see her soon. She thought that I would have my braces removed during my next appointment. When I told her that it is going to be only in February, she said: "Oh, what a relief, I thought that we would see you for the last time in January and I wanted to cry!" hahaha I will miss these people so much after my orthodontic treatments, I feel like there is going to be a void in my life...

On these good words, I wish you all very happy holidays. Be safe on the road if you need to travel and spend quality time with your families. And if you are on vacation for a few days, enjoy it as much as you can! ;)


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