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DECEMBER 8, 2006 - The installation of my lower braces

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Note: What follows is not an email that I had sent to my loved ones. It's rather the story of the installation of my lower braces as I remember it. I thought that it would be a good idea to present this story to prepare those who don't know what to expect during their appointment to install their braces.

The movements on my upper teeth were progressing as expected and it was now time to have my lower braces installed. I was already familiar with the procedure, but still, I was a little hectic that day, because I knew that I would have to be even more careful with braces on my upper and lower teeth concerning my dental hygiene and the way I would eat!

I was happy that my appointment to get my lower braces installed was on a Friday again. I had quite appreciated having the whole weekend to get used to my upper braces when they were installed.

My appointment occurred almost the same way as the appointment for the installation of my upper braces. The hygienists and my orthodontist installed all the brackets on my lower teeth, except on the wisdom teeth. When the installation of braces was over, I was really under the impression that I had a second set of teeth in the mouth! It was very bulky!!

I was very assiduous at taking Advil caplets to attenuate the pain triggered by the new braces once back home. However, I think that nobody can get away from pain when braces are installed! At least, I had already experienced this with my upper braces a few weeks prior; I knew what to expect! I was a little discouraged by the time that it took me to floss that evening, but I got used to it relatively quickly.

What I found was the hardest in having braces everywhere in the mouth was when lower brackets would get in contact with the upper teeth or brackets... A metal on metal rubbing or sliding is not the best feeling in the world! This rubbing was due to the fact that my teeth were very crooked. When my lower teeth were a little straighter, this rubbing fortunately stopped!

After the installation of my lower braces, I knew that I had to prepare myself mentally for the orthognathic surgery. I was amazed by the progress made each time I would go see my orthodontist for a follow-up appointment. The more my teeth would straighten, the less my jaws would touch each other correctly, which was causing me inconveniences to eat. I was looking forward to undergoing my orthognathic surgery to correct the malocclusion which had become worse with my straight teeth!


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