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MARCH 19, 2008 - Update (email sent by my husband)

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Hi all,

For those who would like to receive news from Marie-Hélène, here is how she is doing.

She is no longer on the saline solution; she started drinking liquid food with a syringe yesterday afternoon.

She has also started talking a little bit (with her teeth stuck together), but it's good progress nonetheless. I saw her surgeon yesterday and he said that the swelling will still increase today but that tomorrow, it should start subsiding for the next 7 to 10 days.

Her spirits are good even though she wonders why she did that. As I told her, in 6 months, she will wonder why she was saying that.

Normally, she should leave the hospital today. The surgeon will take the decision with the status he'll get from the nurses. However, he told Marie-Hélène that if she would like to stay longer, it will also be her choice. So, I will keep you informed of when she is back home.

Thanks to all for the good words and encouragement that I have transmitted to Marie-Hélène.

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