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MARCH 19, 2008 - Update (Take 2) (email sent by my husband)

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Hi all once again,

First of all, let me thank you on my behalf as well as Marie-Hélène's for all the words of encouragement that you have expressed to us; it was very warmly appreciated by both of us.

Marie-Hélène is now back home since 4h pm today. She feels good and is starting to feel less pain. Obviously, she is tired, but she will be able to rest easier here than in the hospital. She even says that the worst is behind her. She insisted that I tell you that she looks like a crammed chicken with her syringe. :) So, as you can see, the spirits are good even if she will be drinking Boost almost exclusively for the next few days.

So, I'm signing off as the news reporter about my dear wife. She will take over soon and I'm sure that you'll have an integral review of the events that occurred in the hospital like she does it so well with her show reviews of a certain Jon-something... :)

On this, good night and once again, thank you for thinking about her during her stay in the hospital.

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