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APRIL 15, 2008 - News from the second surgery (email sent by my husband)

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Hi all,

Unfortunately, it's not Marie-Hélène writing to you, it's rather her husband.

Marie-Hélène is staying overnight in the hospital. Unfortunately, the surgery took longer and was a little more complicated than expected. Since her lower jaw bone had already started to heal, the cicatrization had already started and her surgeon had to reopen the area that was already starting to heal to realign her lower jaw bone correctly, which caused the surgery to last longer than planned. In short, she entered the operating block at 3h45 pm and she came out at about 6h45 pm and finally, she came out of the recovery room around 8h pm.

She was transferred to her room around 9h pm and we should know tomorrow morning if she is released before noon. Her surgeon thought that she would be released tonight, but since she came out of the recovery room later than planned, the nurses preferred keeping her under observation for the night.

For those who wonder if she were nervous before the operation, her blood pressure was 117/67; let's just say that I've seen her more nervous than that... I'm impressed and proud of her courage and determination. It's not easy to go back to have a second surgery less than a month after having the same surgery and by knowing the consequences of such a surgery, but I know that she'll be happy of her choice when everything's over.

Having said that, thank you for your thoughts that you have given her all day and she'll take over to keep you updated on her condition when she's better.

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