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That Power Called Love (1997)

Note: I was only 17 years old when I wrote this text, so the expressions and words chosen reflect my age and what a 17-year-old girl could feel!

This power can't die, can never fade away, can never be denied.
This strength inside me which words can't explain
I feel exactly the same for you now, forever and after
I have taken example on you and I don't regret it.

You're the reason why I keep on breathing, why I'm still alive.
Your smile lightens up my days, your eyes give me comfort.
Love is such a little word that means so much.
The language of the heart is the most powerful.

This strange feeling I've carried on for a long time,
Deep in my veins, within my whole soul.
The whole world seems to stop turning around when I see you.
You make me quiver, you make my blood travel in my body.

I'd give my life away to be with you.
I'd never be too tired or too weak to defend you, to fight for your honor.
And you've got me under your claws where I feel secure and safe.

No price can buy my love;
I've accomplished so much just for you,
Only to catch the opportunity to say these dear words to you.
I wouldn't have all the gold instead of a hug and a kiss from you.

I'll find you everywhere you might think you can go.
Unfortunately, you can't see me
And it breaks my heart in a million pieces,
Because I've brought out a love that could never be discussed.

Jon, it's for you, I love you more than yesterday,
But less than tomorrow...

Copyright © February 1997 Marie-Hélène Cyr

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