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10 Years - One Decade (2003)

You came into my life when I needed someone
You brightened my days
You were the stars in the night to guide my way
I became strong, I could live by myself, as one

You never left me without hope
When I was lost, you became my home
When I lost faith, you were there for me
Your songs always showed how life would be

I found you when it was least expected
You opened your heart to a new fan
Nothing in me seems complicated
When I can count on the words of the perfect man

I just want to thank you for all these years
For believing in your music and talent
For saving my life a few times in the past 10 years
For all this and beyond, I say prayers in silence

That you remain safe and sound
Not far away from the ones you love
When a new hope for me cannot be found
I will remember the little girl that fell in love

Thank you Jon

Copyright © February 2003 Marie-Hélène Cyr

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