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My dental articles

My whole personal experience during my dental treatments gave me the will to broaden my knowledge in the dental domain. First, I created my website and then, some dental professionals approached me to work on the contents of their website. I admit that helping in one of the health subdomains makes me very happy!


Since 2012, when time allows me, I translate texts related to dentistry for an orthodontist in Quebec and for Plogg, a web company specializing in dentistry.


After translating to broaden my vocabulary in the dental domain, I also started writing some popularized texts related to dentistry that are published on the websites managed by Plogg, either on the Bücco orthodontics (in French) or the Bücco dentistry (in French) sites. Subjects that I have already written about are varied and include up to now oral cancer, temporomandibular joint (TMJ), dental implantology, bruxism, teeth whitening, postoperative complications, among others.

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