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For My 5 Years of Devotion (1998)

Note: I was only 18 years old when I wrote this text, so the expressions and words chosen reflect my age and what a 18-year-old girl could feel!

The love that I have for you
Is a very strange one
I never saw you close,
I didn't have the chance to whisper some words to you

Devoted to your songs, that's what I am
It's amazing when you think about it
That so many people would follow me
And develop a cult in your honor
Just the way I do towards you since 5 years
Not a kiss nor a hug to prove that I care
Not because I'm not craving for it...

"If I saw him, what I would say to him?"
"What would he think of me if he saw me?"
So many unanswered questions that I ask myself everyday.

Many poems remained unpublished
Some I would have liked you to read
Because they reflect the bottom of my heart
You light up my days with the sunshine of your smile
You being there gives me a reason to live
You always succeed in giving me the courage I need to go on.

Copyright © February 1998 Marie-Hélène Cyr

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