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My miscallenous texts

Articles in newspaper

When I was a kid, my idol was Patrick Roy, the Montreal Canadiens' excellent goaltender. When he left Montreal in December 1995, I was very sad and I decided to write him a letter. I sent the letter to the Journal de Montréal with a note asking them to forward it to Patrick Roy. A few days later, when I opened the newspaper, I got a nice surprise; my letter was published in it! One of my creations had just been published in a newspaper and I was only 15 years old! Let's say that I was pretty proud. And since then, I write often and on different subjects, but let's say that Bon Jovi is by far my main inspiration!

My Bon Jovi show reviews

Each time I go to a Bon Jovi show, I write a detailed show review so I don't forget any details and believe me or not, some fans await them impatiently! I thus invite you to read my show reviews if you'd like and if you are patient enough to endure this reading exercise!

My Bon Jovi texts and poems

Sometimes, I put my feelings for Bon Jovi into words. I invite you to read texts et poems that I have written throughout all of these years.

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