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My Bon Jovi pictures

Buying a digital camera was one of the most useful things that I have done so far, since I love taking pictures. Since 2005, I've brought my camera to Bon Jovi shows I've gone to. I usually take hundreds of pictures at each show! Some people think it is exaggerated, but they are priceless memories to my eyes, even if several pictures aren't good!

Therefore, I present you with some of the pictures that I took at Bon Jovi shows.

Warning: If I ever find out that the pictures displayed on this page end up on someone's website without my consent, or if some people try to remove the watermarks and try to resell these pictures, they will have to provide some good explanations. I will then have to remove my pictures and other visitors of my website will be deprived of them!

It might take a few minutes to load all the pictures after clicking on the links at the left of the web page. It's all normal because my pictures are on Webshots and depending on your internet connection, the synchronization between my website and Webshots can take a few seconds per picture.

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